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Volume 6 Issue 2


EDITORIAL                                                                                                                                                       pp: 127-130

Some Thoughts on Nursing,
By  Despina Sapountzi-Krepia 


SPECIAL PAPER                                                                                                    pp: 131-137
Theoretical Approaches to Coping,
By Stavroula Mitrousi, Antonios Travlos, Evmorfia Koukia and Sofia Zyga
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SPECIAL PAPER                                                                                                 pp: 138-145
Proposed Electronic Medical Record with Emphasis on Hepatitis Diagnosis,
By Anna Tsakona, Kallirroi Paschali, Dimitrios Tsolis and Georgios Skapetis  
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                   pp: 146-169
Interventions for Childhood Obesity Control in Cyprus:  An analysis and Evaluation of  Programmes and  Protocols
By Georgianna Joseph,  Marios Genakritis, Paraskevas Vezyridis,  and Alexis Samoutis 
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                                                         pp: 170-179
Effectiveness of a Brief Health Education Intervention for Breast Cancer Prevention in Greece Under Economic Crisis,
By Kyriakoula Merakou, Aggeliki Papagiannopoulou, Maria Chania, Dionysios Vaidakis, Ioannis Zachos, and Anastasia Barbouni

ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                     pp: 180-187
Compassionate Care: Can it be Defined and Measured? The Development of the Compassionate Care Assessment Tool,
By Lori Burnell and Donna L. Agan
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                                                             pp: 188-194
The Effect of Sociodemographic Features and Beliefs about Medicines on Adherence to Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment,
By Paraskevi  Theofilou
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                                                     pp: 195-200   
The Reasons for the Application of Traditional Medicine: The Example from Çanakkale, Turkey,
By Gülbu Tanriverdi, Melike Yalçin Gürsoy, Emine Yuzdzhan  and Nagehan Albuz
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                     pp: 201-207
Nurses’ Views Related to Transcultural Nursing in Turkey, 
By Zeynep Karakus,, Burcu Babadag, Halime Abay, Imatullah Akyar, and Sevilay Senol Çelik 
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                   pp: 208-216
Etiology of Burn Injuries Among 0-6 Aged Children in One University Hospital Burn Unit, Bursa, Turkey,
By Neriman  Akansel, Sevinç Yilmaz, Nursel Aydin and Ramazan Kahveci
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                    pp: 217-226
Exploring First-Time Fathers’ Feelings and Experiences during Labor - Delivery of their Partner/Wife,
By Leodoro J. Labrague, Jelly R. Cariño and Ma. Naizza B. Uy
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                   pp: 227-235
The Role of Health Care Professionals in Breaking Bad News about Death: the Perspectives of Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers,
By Michal Rassin,  Keren Paz Dado  and Miri Avraham
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                    pp: 236-242
Maternal Mortality in Rural Areas of Dodoma Region, Tanzania: a Qualitative Study,
By Madan Mohan Laddunuri 

ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                    pp: 243-251
The Impact of Counseling on the Self-Esteem of Women in Thailand Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence,
By Kritaya Sawangchareon,   Somporn Wattananukulkiat,  Amornrat S. Saito, Somsong Nanakorn, Sopida Doasodsai,
Michie Baba, Keiko
Morinaka and
Hitomi Takemoto  

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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                     pp: 252-257
Determination of Accuracy of Nursing Diagnoses Used  by Nursing Students in their Nursing Care Plans,
By Nursel Aydin  and Neriman  Akansel
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                    pp: 258-266
Employees’ Commitment to the Organization of a Public District Hospital: a Case Study,
By Eyaggelia Tsolaki,  Maria Tsironi,  Fotis Theofanis, Foteini Tzavella,  Maria Lavdaniti and Sofia Zyga
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                                                            pp: 267-277
An  Evaluative Study of the WOW Program on Patients' Satisfaction in Acute Psychiatric Units,
By  Xie Huiting and Li Ziqiang
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ORIGINAL PAPER                                                                                                   pp: 278-285
The Direct Costs of Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Cyprus,
By Despena Andrioti,   Photini Zenonos,  Alexandra Skitsou,  Panayiota Kokkori and George Charalambous
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CASE  REPORT                                                                                                     pp: 286-287
An Early Presentation of Neurosyphilis as Persistent Headache and Opthalmoplegia,
By Magdalini Krommyda,  Georgia Xiromerisiou,  Rudolf Jobst,  Dimitrios Tsiptsios, Theocharis Tsironis,  Dimitrios Kiourtidis
and   Iakovos Tsiptsios

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